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IGNITE! Mobile Marketing Website Launch

New Website and Blog Launch!

August 22, 2013


Mobile Marketing

Finally after several months of being the “cobbler’s son with no shoes”, we’re delighted to launch our new website and blog.

Our idea was for a custom designed website that was fast to load, featured unique but intuitive navigation for users, and easy for us to manage/update.  Most of all we wanted to help our clients get to know us better.  If you can spend some time on the site, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a good idea of who we are and what do as a company.   Alex took care of our design and Gary assisted with the WordPress integration.

The bulk of what makes this site so great is it’s platform, WordPress.  This is an amazing content management system (CMS) available today.  We are truly appreciative to be part of such an awesome community and if you aren’t using WordPress for your website – I definitely recommend you have it in your plans because it improves with every version.

We’re adding more features shortly – a Resource Center (Think Mobile), and a client access portal that will contain useful information on mobile marketing and social media policy related issues, so please do check back with us for updates.

Please contact us to let us know what you think of our new website – all comments and feedback are welcome. Or if you are interested in finding out more about mobile marketing, social media, or video marketing strategies, feel free to email us or call, 800-764-8344.


Don’t Miss Out On The Next Thing!

July 25, 2013


Mobile Marketing

What does two-thirds of world have with them right now? If your answer is “mobile” you’re spot on! Think about it.. where’s your bank? your plane ticket? how does your doctor see you? does your favorite store know you?

Thanks to mobile devices and the technology supporting them, consumers are no longer connected to desktop and laptops aren’t even considered truly portable any more. By 2014, it’s predicted that more internet searches will be done with smartphones and other mobile devices than PCs. The evolution of mobile is often compared to “back in the day” when businesses contemplated domain names, websites, email marketing and SEO. Fortunately, businesses had time to implement these digital strategies since consumer adoption rates didn’t mirror the growth rate that mobile is experiencing. Statistics show that by 2017 global mobile traffic will amount to 46 times the total amont of mobile traffic just a few years ago in 2010 stated by Doug Webster, VP of Cisco Marketing.

On a local search level, mobile traffic to local sites grew 27% (Q4 2012) vs. 15% from broader Internet. Practically every local business has a Yelp listing that ranks on a Google search page and over 55% of all Yelp searches are now from mobile (45% from apps). The real estate site Zillow announced that over half of their site visits are coming from mobile. Is your business website and Internet presence optimized for mobile consumers? Are you still contemplating the benefit of a mobile marketing strategy?