Today, texting is everything and everywhere to consumers and more than 2.27 trillion text messages are sent every year in the U.S. alone – that’s 6.3 billion per day or approximately 20 text messages per person per day.

Even though SMS marketing (which includes coupons, special offers, loyalty program offers) is redeemed 8 or more times more frequently than email, many business owners are missing this incredible opportunity.

We’re not saying text messages (SMS) is the new holy grail – but if used with multiple channels including email, marketers can capitalize on significant opportunities and extremely measurable results.

Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons you should implement SMS marketing before your competitors do.

SMS marketing is more effective, PERIOD

Numbers don’t lie. The open rate for SMS promotions/ offers is 98% – compared to a 22% open rate for emails. While an email will site in a customer’s inbox all day (or several days), a text is read within minutes – sometimes as quick as 90 seconds.

Reach a highly engaged audience

Consumers have only one mobile phone (usually) and make a careful decision on which text campaign they choose. This differs from email campaigns, where consumers subscribe more liberally for brands to satisfy a temporary interest.  Since users limit themselves to brands they prefer to follow when opting into an SMS campaign, this allows businesses a targeted, captive and loyal audience.

Build a brand conversation

Email communication is one-way but consumers can actually reply to an SMS promotion and engage with the brand. This allows businesses to create a conversation for customer engagement and for marketers to develop a stronger relationship and build brand trust.

Sell more and drive awareness

Email tends to drive online sales – text promotions drive engagement to bring customers in-store. Once in-store, consumers are likely to purchase more products. SMS gets you more customers, more often, and captures more sales when you need it.

Measure your advertising value

Brands can easily track where users are texting to join, (via in-store promotion, print advertising, radio, referrals, etc.) and can measure the relative effectiveness of the advertisement source. This allows marketers to measure advertising more effectively than ever and to optimize your marketing budget.

Have you ever:

  • Sent a direct mail or email campaign?
  • Advertised a promotion, coupon or special offer?
  • Used a sign on your vehicle, or placed signs in windows, or a storefront?
  • Mentioned a promotion at a networking event?

Then you’re ready for SMS mobile marketing!

Some examples of SMS campaigns are:

  • Offers / promotions
  • Customer loyalty
  • Competitions
  • Event /appointment reminders
  • Surveys / voting
  • Registrations / verifications
  • Product information requests
  • Redeemable coupons and offers

SMS strategies are efficient and cost effective. As simple as SMS may seem, it can also be a challenging process. IGNITE! has developed a process and platform with numerous features, yet simple and easy to use.

If you’re not engaging with customers via SMS based campaigns, it’s time NOW!


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